Friday, January 15, 2010

Have you ever felt like this?

When you are trying not to miss

A moment, like a bliss

Sealed with a kiss

Have you ever felt like that?

When you just wanna be held

Hold on so tight

Never give in

Never give up

On what you want.

Have you ever closed your eyes

And trusted the one in front

With all your heart

Feeling like you’d fall apart

If that person says good-bye?

Have you ever wanted to fly

Just inside other’s arms

Watch inside his blue eyes

And say, please, don’t let me fall.

Have you ever feared

But not for you

For him

For us

For me.

You fear to fail

You fear to hurt

You fear to move, because you just

Don’t wanna wake up?

A beautiful mess

Beautiful just as itself

Beautiful as us

Beautiful as I

Beautiful as you

So, do you want to fall?

Fall in with me

Fall in love, fly with me.

I promise, I’ll never let go.

‘Cause there’s you

And there’s me

And no one else is needed.

Wanna dance? We’re alone

And I know it will be…

Just perfect

To be held

To be trusted

To trust

To hold

Hold on to you

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dia patutnya dijaga
dibelai manja
disambut dengan teruja
bukan pergi dengan sia-sia

Dia lambang cinta
tiba disaat derita melanda
dituduh menjadi punca
sedangkan dia bersih dari dosa

Dia segala
dari sayang bertukar derita
dari cinta menjadi duka
dari damai timbul sengketa

Dia segalanya
lebih dari segalanya
yang paling dipinta
tapi dibuang sia-sia